Each Mind Matters: Toxic Positivity

Telling someone to “cheer up” can actually make them feel worse. It can be hard to sit with someone who is hurting, but rushing to dismiss someone’s feelings makes the person feel unheard and doesn’t allow them to process what they’re going through. In fact, learning to accurately label, experience and talk about negative emotions …

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FY2019-2020 Annual Plan

FY2019-2020 Annual Plan was approved by the Board of Supervisors on March 24, 2020.  The Final FY 2019/2020 Annual Plan can be found here. Read Full Document

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Resources & Downloads As we celebrate Mental Health Matters Month, we are focusing on how expressing ourselves in different ways can raise awareness about mental health, break down barriers between people, build our own wellness and strengthen our communities. The effects of self-expression and creativity on our mental health and well-being have been widely documented. …

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In Crisis? Call 1-800-273-8255

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