Personality Disorders with Dr. Greg Lester

Dr. Lester’s clinical and research specialty is Personality Disorders, and it is his most frequently requested topic. He presents frequently on all aspects of diagnosing, treating, and managing Personality Disorders. He has presented to psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, therapists, case managers, attorneys, judges, vocational rehab personnel, emergency medical personnel, pastoral counselors, geriatric specialists, developmental disabilities caseworkers, and marriage and family therapists.

This training is FREE and open to the public. BBS and BRN CEUs will be available.
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Training Topics Include:
Borderline Personality Disorder: Today’s Most Powerful and Effective Treatment and Management
One of the first personality disorders to be identified, and the one that is the most studied, prominent, and difficult borderline personality disorder, is one of the most disruptive of all psychiatric conditions. The good news is Borderline is well-understood, and there have been a number of extremely effective interventions developed. The difficulty for most clinicians is that intervening in Borderline conditions is unique and dramatically different from nearly every other psychiatric conditions. To be effective with Borderline conditions, a clinician needs to understand the metaphors that describe a Borderline disordered individual’s dramatically different experience of life and the interventions that are often paradoxical, counter-intuitive, and feel “strange” to someone with a non-Borderline experience of life. Research indicates that these approaches can be highly effective in diminishing Borderline behavior and functioning.
How to Help Someone Deal with a Personality Disordered Person
Clinicians are frequently confronted with clients who have a spouse, parents, or children who meet criteria for a personality disorder. Because the functioning of personality disordered individuals is vastly different from people within normal limits, the usual methods that people use to deal with these individuals are at best ineffective and at worst destructive. This presentation presents methods for clinicians to coach people dealing with personality disordered people in methods to manage them in everyday life and to diminish the distress and disruption produced by personality disordered individuals.
Managing Personality Disorders in Non-Psychiatric Settings
For many years, research into personality disorders concentrated on intensive treatment of the condition in appropriate psychiatric treatments settings. Recently, data on managing personality disorders in settings that do not involve intensive psychiatric treatment has been gathered, and interventions that are not “treatment” interventions have been developed to help those in alternative settings such as medical settings, hospice, emergency rooms, homelessness shelters, and others. This presentation presents the approaches to managing personality disorders that have been shown to be effective when the professional is not in an intensive psychiatric treatment setting.

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Two-day Training Schedule and Topic Descriptions

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Feb 01 2023


8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Rocklin Event Center
2650 Sunset Blvd, Rocklin, CA 95677

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