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Who We Are

In 2005, Placer County Systems of Care with the support of the Mental Health Services Act, joined forces with a host of community partners to launch a campaign to transform mental health services.  Believing that the key to lasting change in mental health care in Placer County is to place residents and community based agencies in a true position of partnership with the county, the Campaign for Community Wellness (CCW) was created.

The Placer CCW functions as the legislatively mandated body to oversee the implementation of the Mental Health Services Act.

The CCW is comprised of concerned community members, non-profit agencies, school and law enforcement partners, family members and consumers of Mental Health services and the Placer County Systems of Care staff.  The collaboration works to build wellness in the community, advocate for constituencies, promote peer-focused services, evaluate community needs, build community capacity, and share information about mental health and wellness. 

Specifically, CCW seeks to strengthen the voice of the often-unrepresented populations in decision making around mental health policy and resource allocation. Examples of unrepresented voices include youth, family members, those experiencing mental health challenges, Native Americans, older adults, Latinos, homeless, individuals with gender/sexual diversity and those with co-occurring issues.

The campaign works by networking, sharing and providing a forum for creative problem solving at monthly meetings. Recommendations for MHSA enhancements and changes are provided by the CCW to a collaborative Leadership Team.

The Leadership Team consists of four community based representatives, System of Care staff and community facilitators.

The Campaign supports efforts that promote mental health to:

  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and responsiveness
  • Serve unserved and under-served residents
  • Demonstrate a commitment to resiliency and recovery
  • Define and assess progress toward outcomes
  • Improve the efficiency of service delivery
  • Increase program sustainability
  • Integrate community capacity-building as appropriate.

What We Do

The CCW has volunteer committees to carry out primary objectives.

Campaign Development and  Community Outreach Subcommittee

CCW supports efforts that promote Mental Wellness in accordance with MHSA principles. Campaign Development and Program Review offers opportunities for community members, service agencies, and spiritual communities to learn more about the needs of individuals with mental health challenges and best practices for responding in an effective manner. Additionally, the committee tracks and makes recommendations about program implementation and program changes, looking at results of evaluation and program outcomes annually, to insure transparency and quality improvements.  A member of this subcommittee, who is not funded through MHSA, sits on the County’s evaluation team.

We seek out new partners and collaborators in order to network, share, and develop resources among participants, to improve mental health services and promote community capacity-building.  We invite community members to collaborate and develop resources to improve mental health services, promote the ability of the community to treat the mentally ill with compassion and respect, and reintegrate those who suffer mental illness back into the community as productive members.

Workforce, Education and Training (WET) 

The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Workforce Education and Training (WET) mission is to develop and support a diverse workforce capable of providing client and family driven, culturally and co-occurring competent services, which promote MHSA core values utilizing evidenced-based practices. The WET Advisory Committee members work together to ensure this mission is realized.


How To Get Involved

The CCW meets monthly, alternating between the 4th Friday of the month, from 10:00am to 11:30am and the 3rd Thursday 4:00pm to 5:30pm. All meetings are open to the public.  The meeting calendar is subject to change. To be added to the calendar invites, please email

The CCW sends regular notifications to over 1000 mental health stakeholders that includes resources and information relevant to mental wellness and events in Placer.  To be added to the CCW distribution list, please email

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