Create your own Equity Walk

Attention Placer County agencies and providers!

This "Equity Walk" was developed by Placer County's System of Care Placer READI Committee to help ensure our lobbies and public areas feel like safe, welcoming spaces and represent the diverse needs of our community. 

The documents available in this post for downloading will allow you to create your own Equity Walk, or Lobby Assessment, so you can capture feedback from your clients and visitors. 

Equity Walk

Start Now!

  • Full Equity Walk Lobby Assessment Questions (Word)
    This is the complete set of 22 assessment questions. Some may or may not be applicable to your location. We used this paper version for volunteers participating in the Equity Walk.
  • Sample Survey Monkey Question Set: English / Spanish 
    This is the set of questions we specifically used for clients/visitors taking the survey online while they were waiting in our lobbies. It includes a set of demographic questions along with 8 assessment questions that are typically relevant to most locations.
  • Customizable Flyer: English / Spanish 
    This is a flyer you can display in your public space to solicit participation in the online survey. Just add your agency logo and the QR code from your online survey in the spaces provided. (ie Survey Monkey). 

QUESTIONS? If you would like the Survey Monkey template shared with you, or have other questions about these materials, please email

REMEMBER: Once you collect input, the next step is implementation! What changes can you make right now? What changes do you need to do in stages?
In Crisis? Call 1-800-273-8255

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