SOGIE 101 Training

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October 27th 3:00pm-5:00pm

Join us for this FREE introductory training and panel discussion designed to engage participants to gain a better understanding of the differences between Sex assigned at birth, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sexual/Romantic Orientation. This subject is often difficult for people to discuss, so every effort is made to make the topic as comfortable as possible for all participants. The bulk of this training session will consist of a panel discussion involving individuals sharing their experiences and answering questions from the moderator. The panel will consist of educators, family members, youth/students, and a member of the faith community. This training will give participants a better understanding of the LGBTQ+ community and introduce them to the negative myths and stereotypes that cause such damaging experiences and mental health disparities. The discussion will be geared to all levels of knowledge and comfort with this subject matter, and there will be ample time to address anonymous questions from attendees.

This training is meant for all members of the community.

Mental health and substance use service providers, educators, law enforcement, family members and community leaders are encouraged to attend.


Registration is required.

Spanish Translation will be provided. ASL Translation will be available if requested in advance.

BBS Continuing Education Credit is available for eligible participants who identify this need in advance.

View training flyers for more information.

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