Auburn Big Time ~ Pow Wow

Sunday, October 17th 2021 at the Gold Country Fairgrounds

An all-day event featuring California Native Dancing, Intertribal Dancing, Native Crafts and Foods, an Online Raffle, and more!! 

4 thoughts on “Auburn Big Time ~ Pow Wow”

  1. So looking forward to this year’s Auburn Big Time -Pow Wow honoring Family and Children of Yesterday and today on Sunday, October 17th 2021, at the Gold Country Fairgrounds.
    I attended my first Native Dancing Venue on a Native American Anthropology Course at Sierra College at Rocklin, in 1997. We went on a camping trip into the “Trinity Mountains”. We stayed on the “Reservation”, and experienced the most dramatic feelings in my life. The spiritual presence was awe inspiring. A tribal shaman led us in a chant and the experience was mind-altering. High in the mountains, the shaman’s voice echoed through the valleys piquing my interest and transporting me to another wordly plane. An exhilarating, moving experience. I certainly felt the evoking of the Spirits. I look forward with great interest to the event in Auburn on October 17th 2021.

  2. Victoria Serrano

    I love those Pow Wows. I am there every year. My father use to take me as an infant on his back in Lone Pine CA . As an infant! And I remember!!!

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