Check out our Community Positive Affirmation Word Cloud!

Placer I AM 2021 White-Green

“I AM ...” two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality.
For May is Mental Health Matters Month, we created a Placer County Community Positive Affirmation Word Cloud. We asked the community to enter one or two words to fill in their own personal Positive Affirmation statement “I AM _____.”
Affirmations work to reframe an individual's thoughts about themselves, they are positive statements that can help individuals to challenge and overcome negative thoughts. Just as we incorporate exercise into our lives in order to improve our physical health, affirmations are like exercises for our minds and outlook. As this past year has been particularly challenging, incorporating positive affirmations into one’s daily routine and repeating them often can be a useful addition to anyone’s self-care toolbox, as they can drive positive change in many aspects of one’s life.

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